Evolve USA

We are recreational and professional spearos in Hawaii who hunt to put food on the table for our families and friends. Unable to find a fast yet durable polespear in the market, we took it upon ourselves to create something using the fascinating characteristics of carbon. Technological improvements today have created top-of-the-line carbon materials that are as strong as metal, while weighing significantly less. Old school carbons and those of lesser brands misled the market to believe carbon is too stiff and brittle. Carbon products of the past were often easy to chip, crack, or even break during normal use. Not anymore!

Evolve Polespears are made of T700 carbon from Toray which further validates our focus on quality, using only the very best strength vs high modulus combination material.  Starting from raw materials, all the way to final assembly and testing, we won't settle for less.  After years of thought and development, we finally found the perfect formula for a line of polespears that not only look and feel great in your hands, but also perform with deadly accuracy and speed.

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Evolve Pole Spear Slip Tip

Evolve Pole Spear Slip Tip for use with Evolve USA pole spears...

£74.95 Ex Tax: £62.46

Evolve USA AST 8 Foot Transformer Hybrid Pole Spear with 3 Prong Tip

The Evolve USA AST Transformer is a 3 piece, 8 foot long Hybrid Pole Spear complete with a 3 Prong c..

£174.95 Ex Tax: £145.79

Evolve USA EVO Flopper Single Tip

EVO Flopper Single Tip to fit Evolve USApole spears...

£49.95 Ex Tax: £41.63

Evolve USA Replacement Band for 8 FT Pole Spear

Evolve USA Replacement Dura Band for 8 FT Pole Spear..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £16.63